LDF full form, Full form of LDF- Politics

LDF Full form – Left Democratic Front LDF Full form in Hindi – वाम लोकतांत्रिक मोर्चा LDF Full form in Telugu – లెఫ్ట్ డెమోక్రటిక్ ఫ్రంట్ …

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CFT full form, Full form of CFT- Medical

CFT full form – Complement Fixation Test CFT full form in Hindi – पूरक निर्धारण टेस्ट CFT full form in Telugu – కాంప్లిమెంట్ ఫిక్సేషన్ టెస్ట్ …

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NLFC full form, Full form of NLFC

NLFC full form – National Life Finance Corporation NLFC full form in Hindi – राष्ट्रीय जीवन वित्त निगम NLFC full form in Telugu – నేషనల్ …

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FSI Full form, Full form of FSI- Constructions

FSI Full form, Full form of FSI- Constructions, The Floor Space Index (FSI) also called the area ratio (FAR) represents the ratio of the total area of a building to the total area of the plot. Calculated by dividing the total square area of the building by the square area of the land.

Full form of POS Poss in SPC

While I was searching for the full form of POS Poss and some more information about POS Poss on the Search engine I can see that many people are asking about, Full form of SPC and other Question like What is POS Poss in SPC