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# 1.  I'll start on Monday.

This is the most used phrase by losers. Every second person who love to procrastinate they use this line the most.

# 2.  It is not my fault.

Most of the losers don't take responsibility if something went wrong. They look someone whom, They can show as victim for their failure.

# 3.  I can't do                 it.

Some people don't have even the self confidence on what they are doing. They believe that it can not be done by them.

# 4.  It's not                           fair.

They blame the surroundings but don't look at themselves. .

# 5.  I don't            have time.

It is also the most used phrase which you must have heard by many people.

# 6.  I'm offended

When someone don't go as per their expectation they start crying that he hurt/she hurt me.

# 7.  He/She got lucky.

# 8.  You suck.

# 9.  I'm too tired.

# 10.  Easy for you to say.