Vamika Kohli first photo leaked with Virat kohli and anuskha sharma

Vamika was looking straight into the camera without a blink as paparazzi went click click to capture her for the first time ever. 

This will go down as Vamika's first ever pictures but sadly will not be shared with the world. We can only wait for the time Anushka and Virat do decide to introduce Vamika to the world and hope that it is sooner than later.

A video captured showed Kohli and the rest of the Indian team stepping out of the bus.

Kohli was the first to step out and immediately asked the reporters to keep the cameras away from his daughter Vamika. Soon enough, Kohli's wife Anushka Sharma came out of the bus with Vamika

Virat requested paparazzi to not click the little Vamika's pictures and not share them anywhere and therefore we will definitely respect that request and Virat and Anushka's need for privacy when it comes to their daughter's pictures.