What to do if your phone is overheating?

Check for malware If your phone is still overheating, malware may be the culprit. The loapi android malware, for example, can max out your processor's computing power, overheat the battery, and cause permanent damage to the device. 

if your device is running slower than normal, launching pop-ups, and getting hot even when idle, it's possible your phone has a virus.

Updates. Phone manufacturers and app developers roll out software updates on a regular basis, and these security and feature upgrades protect phones from security flaws and help them run advanced apps, so be updated.

Surrounding of your  mobile It may seem silly, but take note of where you place your phone when it's charging. Since connecting it to power will naturally increase the temperature of the device, keep your phone free of any clutter. 

Don’t charge it in bed, or bury it under pillows, blankets, papers, or books. Your Smartphone should instead sit on a hard, flat surface as much as possible.

Unplug and restart Sudden shifts in temperature can seriously damage the phone because the components inside your device expand when they heat up, so introducing intense cold can add unwanted moisture to the phone.

Instead, unplug your phone if it's charging. Then, power it down, and let it sit in a cool place, away from direct sunlight or any heat sources, such as a radiator. If you have a phone case on the device, remove it.

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