BMW Full form, What is the full form of BMW

BMW Full form – Bavarian Motor Works ( Bayerische Motoren Werke )

BMW full form in Hindi – बावेरियन मोटर वर्क्स

BMW full form In Telugu – బవేరియన్ మోటార్ వర్క్స్

BMW Full form, What is the full form of BMW

BMW is Known for automobiles, which are famous for making luxury cars and motorcycles, its history is as old as the First World War.
At that time its main purpose was not to make a motorcycle or a car but to build the engine of Aircraft, but now it has become such a big brand that most of the celebrities prefer to own cars and motorcycles BMW.

What is BMW?

BMW is a German automobile-making company popular for making cars and bikes, discovered in 1961 by Franz Josef Popp, whose Head Quarter is located in the city of Munich.
It started in India in 2006, with the first car out of the Dixi based on the Austin 7, which was licensed by the Austin Moter Company.
Along with this, he created a motorcycle which was Helios and Flink which did not give the company much success, and then after that, he took out the R32 which became quite popular

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