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You want to watch extra horror movies even from horror, that too for free but you don’t know from where you can watch or download. Here Affliction Full Movie in Hindi This movie is a super horror movie, In this article, I have given you complete details of . I hope you enjoy it.

Affliction is a 2021 Indonesian horror film directed and written by Teddy Soeriaatmadja, Written by Teddy Soeriaatmadja The movie was released on 21 January 2021.

CAST of Affliction Full Movie in Hindi

STORYLINE/PLOT of Affliction Full Movie in Hindi

The movie starts and with the lady who is sitting in bed, she has a knife in her hand but all of a sudden she starts cutting her hand with a knife, And that old lady commits suicide, now we see Nina suddenly wake up and here we get to know that it was Nina dream and the woman who committed suicide is Naina’s mother

Actually, Meena’s mother had died long ago, ever since her mother passed away, Meena started having such dreams, due to which Neena was very upset.
Meena considers herself responsible for her mother’s death because, when she went to meet her mother, she saw another of her mother’s shadows, Meena thinks that if she had done something then her mother would still be alive

The next a lady comes to meet her, she says that she has come from the village where Hasan’s mother is being treated. Nina is shocked by this. Because Nina did not know that Hasan had a mother and the lady says that her mother’s condition is getting worse, they should come and treat her she thinks that some supernatural power is behind this, so she wants to leave this job and the lady leaves from there.

While having dinner at night, Meena asks her husband about their mother, to which Hasan tell that relation between his mother and Ehsan is not good, so he does not contact his mother, Meena feels very bad for this and she forces Haseen to go to meet her mother, on which the husband agrees to meet the mother.

The next morning they decided to go and meet her mother But when They got home they see Dayu was standing in the garden with a Knife as if she was looking for someone

Hasan goes to his mother and asks what happened on which Hasanmother becomes very aggressive, Hasan keeps his mother calm and brings her inside the house as soon as she returns home. Her behavior becomes normal

There are 4 rooms in that house but only three were kept open, for some reason she used to keep one room close, When they are going to sleep at night but they see a woman standing in front of their house and watching a constant at their house, after a while, the lady leaves from there.

Dayu cooks everyone’s favorite breakfast in the morning while eating Hasan informs his mother that she should leave the place and go with them but Daya’s behavior changes and she refuses angrily Ehsaan remembers that he has to go to a very important seminar, so he leaves

After some time Nina asks about lunch, on which Daya refuses to recognize her and asks her to leave the house, where Mera know that Dayana is ill due to which she must have forgotten but she feels hurt to hear this

From then on, strange things start happening in the house like when Ryan is drawing the closed door of another room opens and a ball comes from there as Ryan goes near that room suddenly that door closes on the other hand as a viewer we can see a shadow of a little boy.

When having dinner at night, Nayana suddenly forgets and gets scared seeing all this and starts shouting loudly on which Meena and her children are very scared and when Meena goes to sleep her children at night So there she sees that Dayal has made a drawing on which is a boy like a masterpiece.

When the kids are sleeping at night, Tasya feels that someone is pulling her bedsheets and she thinks Ryan is doing it but when she wakes up to see Ryan is not on her bed but she saw a little boy near the closed door and the box boy disappear, She was so scared, Strange things happen to Meena too and she sees that Daya is standing there looking for something under the tree and she has knife mark on her wrist,

Dayu asks Naina to bring some tea so she goes to a shop to buy tea, the shopkeeper recognizes her and says that there is negative energy behind her. Which is very dangerous, you should go away from that house as soon as possible,

While returning home she sees the same lady who came to their house and an old woman with her That the same woman who is standing in front of their house at night staring at their house, she follows them. She goes to that house and sees some pictures and newspapers. She takes one of the pictures with her. After seeing the picture he comes to know that there used to be a little boy in this house who had gone missing years ago and never returned home due to which his mother went insane.

In the night, Nina dreams of someone is attacking her she saw a little boy who is bleeding from his eyes she screams loudly, Luckily Hasan comes there, she brings the same shopkeeper to the house for Dayu’s treatment, she draws a picture of a tree, on which Hasan stop the treatment and decided to leave the place next morning, But before leaving they saw Dayu is dead

After the death of the Dayu, Naina was not able to sleep, so she decided that she will go to that closed room, then after everyone slept, she checked that room. and he gets some clues then she takes an axe and starts to dig on the same spot where Dayu always used to come she find the bones of a small child. Then Hasan came there and he told her complete sorry.

Dimas and Hasan both used to be friends, the Dayu used to love both of them but seeing all this, Hasan was jealous and one day he killed Dimas with a knife. To save her child, Gayu takes the child’s body and buries it under the same tree and later tells Dimas’s parents that Dimas ran away somewhere.

After telling all this, Nina says that he should accept her mistake, for which he gets angry starts attacking her, but the soul of the child strikes Hasan, But then again Meera gets caught in Hasaan’s clutches and when he is about to kill Nina, Caretaker kills Hasan and in the last we see Dimas getting proper Funeral.

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You can download the movie from the OTT platform Netflix and the movie is also available on Youtube.

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You can watch the Light out movie from Netflix or Amazon and the movie is also available on youtube.

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FilmWap and Movierulz is the first website to Affliction Full Movie in Hindi Download These are the pirated movie site. Within a week of the release of Filmwap and Movierulz release the movie in Hindi, Government bans these types of websites but every time they manage to Escape, But I don’t recommend this website because this causing huge damage to the film industry and the people associated with the film. But you can download the movie from amazon prime Videos So that you can see the movie offline The Affliction Full Movie in Hindi Download is a Trilling movie you will surely enjoy the movie in this pandemic

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