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Usually, a child is most attached to his parents because he sees and knows them first. Parents also are called the primary school of the kid. Generally, the kid considers his father to be a real hero and a supporter in his life who shows him the proper path. Here we are providing some essays on the subject ‘My father’ in simple and different word limits, which students can choose for various school exams or competitions consistent with their needs.

Short Essay on my father (250 words)

If anyone asks me what is the best thing God has given you, then I will say – My father. It is my good fortune that as a father I have found God who is holding my finger and showing me the path of life, making me aware of good and bad in life, is grooming my future. If a mother gives birth to us then a father follows us.

My father is my idol because his personality, character, behavior shows him to be a good person. His behavior in and out of the house is such that all praise him.

Essay on my father for Students

Dad treats me like a friend, never gets mad at me for anything. If I make a mistake too, instead of getting angry, they make me realize that mistake with love. He always tells me to follow good things.

My father is very punctual and his daily life is also very disciplined. He says that a person who follows discipline never fails. They also share the mother’s hand in many household works, saying that no work is big or small.

My father takes care of my happiness, even if he does not spend a penny for himself but gives me everything. Whenever they get time, they definitely take us out.

An ideal son, an ideal husband, and an ideal father – I see all these forms in my father. I too will try to be like him by following the path shown by him in my life.

Essay on my father (500 words)

A father can be a role model for a son, so my father is a role model for me. What should be a good person, good son, good husband, all those qualities I see in my father. All the abilities that a father should have been present in my father.

My father as a friend

My father is also a true friend to me, a friend who makes me feel good and bad from time to time. Papa always encourages me to say that never give up in life and face every situation and move forward.
The way a friend talks to us, the father talks to me the same way. I always feel that he is my friend. Papa listens to me as a friend and when I get upset, he becomes my support.

A good guide

There may be no better guide than a father. A father teaches every child the way to face difficulties in life. the father contains a store of information that’s never empty. It is the father who taught me to walk, told me about the good things, and also makes me realize what is bad for me.
Whenever I do not find a solution to a problem, at that time, my father becomes my guide, and is a joke, he tells me the solution that my problem is over.

Essay on my father for Students

Rich in many qualities

My father is a patient person. No matter what form of situation, he never loses his endurance. Papa always teaches me the same thing that it is important to control yourself in life. He never rages at me or my mother ever.

Papa explains to me the importance of discipline and says that a person who walks with discipline is always successful. His life is also disciplined. Getting up early in the morning, attending to work on time, eating on time is included in his daily activities. They also take us out on vacation during vacation.

My father loves me, and all the family members very much, they do not allow any kind of shortage in the house and also fulfill our needs. Instead of scolding us for any kind of mistake, they always explain it with love and also teach us not to do it again, stating the consequences of mistakes.

Grandparents in the house also praise Dad very much and say that if you have a son. Papa also comes out of work every day by touching the feet of grandparents. Papa says that the blessings of elders are very fortunate, so they should be respected.

The father fulfills all our needs, seeing this, my respect for him increases in my heart even more. A father is that the kind of God for each child who takes care of them. within the happiness of his children, the daddy forgets his happiness and after working hard day and night, he gives all the happiness to the people of the house.

How happy I am that I have found such a rich father of such a person who thinks only about the happiness of his children. God gives such a father to every son.

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