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Mood to watch the horror movies, Can’t find one so here we go -> Light out Full Movie is an American supernatural Horror movie, where not only you will find horror but also love and affection between actors.
Nowadays most horror movies are based on real-life story so many people Frigtned to watch those movies, but Light out is not based on real-life events so they can watch the movie. Enjoy 🙂

Light out is an American Supernatural Horror movie Directed by David F. Sandberg, produced by Lawrence Grey, James Wan, and Eric Heisserer, written by Heisserer, It is based on Sandberg’s 2013 short film Light out. This you can watch is Youtube, Light out Movie receive a good response from reviews from critics and Audience, with many praising the actors, direction, Musical score, Photography, and Screenplay.

Light out Full Movie

CAST of Light out Full Movie

  • Teresa Palmer as Rebecca Wells
  • Amiah Miller as Young Rebecca
  • Gabriel Bateman as Martin Wells, Rebecca’s half-brother
  • Alexander DiPersia as Bret, Rebecca’s boyfriend
  • Maria Bello as Sophie Lloyd-Wells, Rebecca and Martin’s mother
  • Billy Burke as Paul, Rebecca’s step-father
  • Andi Osho as Emma Glover, a social worker

The plot of the Light out Full Movie

As soon as the movie starts we can see that Martin is talking with his father that his mother’s health is bad again and she is talking to herself. To this Paul ask him to not worry and ensure him that everything is going to be okay. In the Next frame, we can see that one of the employees Named Esther Is about to turn off the light and see A shadow of a woman.

She turns on the light but She finds no one there. Before she leaves She tells paul that there is something in that room, which Paul ignores and asks her to go home.

After Esther Leaves her boss Encounter The Women, Paul tries to escape but she appears in front of him, then Paul realizes that she can only Appear in dark. so he runs toward his office but at the same time all the lights are off and we can see that Paul is dead.

Time Passes –Here we see that the Martine hear some voices and when he checks he sees her mother is talking to someone in dark but nobody was there, But Martin sees the same shadow beside her mother and he gets frightened and runs towards his room because of this incidence Martin cannot sleep the whole night and Martin fells asleep at the school, So the Child welfare People try to contact Sophie (Martine Mother)

Light out Full Movie

But they couldn’t reach Sophie so they decided to call Rebecca Martin Stepsister And tell her about the Martine Sititution, Then Rebecca takes Martin along with her to Sophie’s house and Rebecca enquires about Sophie, for which Martin replay that Mother only talks and meet Diana.

Rebecca and her mother had a small Fight, and when Martin looks into Sophie’s room he sees the same shadow and gets afraid, So Rebecca decided to take Martine with her to her house.

At Rebecca House.
While sleeping Rebecca sees someone is scratching the floor she thinks maybe Martine is doing this but when she turns on the light there is no one and when she off the light, she see the Evil shadow. Rebecca runs and turns the light on before the evil shadow attacks her and sees that Martin is sleeping in the bathtub with the torchlight on. Rebecca looks at the place where the shadow was scratching there she finds the name ” Diana”

Next morning we can see that the Sofie complain the child care welfare about the Rebecca, so the lady arrives and takes Martin along with her .that night Sofie and Martine Decided to watch a movie together and turn off all the light for which Martine get Frightened and ask her mother to turn on the light but Sofia says her friend Diana doesn’t like the lights so they have to turn off the light and in the dark Diana try to attach Martine but he escapes and goes to Rebecca house,

Light out Full Movie

Where Rebecca finds a box of medical records and some research papers in paul’s office and she gets to know that her mother used to admit in a mental hospital, Where she meets Diana. Diana was suffering from a serval Skin disorder, so she could not expose to the sunlight, Doctor believes that Diana has some evil power and can get into Peoples Heads – Means she can control anyone or can manipulate anyone. But she was killed by the staff when they try to experiment on her. Rebeccas told the whole story to Matin

Rebeccas and her boyfriend decided to go and investigate Sofia’s house and tell the whole thing about Diana But Sophia Denai and get irritated, But secretly asks for help, Rebecca and her boyfriend stay at night. To avoid the attack from Diana they turn all the lights on. This proves useless because Diana Cuts the power and lock Martin and Rebecca in Basement and attack Bret (Rebecca boyfriend) but he somehow escapes and calls the police.

In the basement Rebecca finds a black light when she scans the room with the light then she releases Diana use to live in the basement Because Diana scratches all over the wall, Meanwhile Bret Return with two police officers, The help to free Martin and Rebecca but Both officers are killed by Diana, Rebeccas send Martin and Bret out and enters the house to find Sophie,

But Diana attacks Rebeccas and tell That she killed Rebecca’s father a long time ago. Diana is about to kill Rebecca, Sophie appears with a gun there she realizes how Diana is connected to this world because of her, so she killed Herself to save Rebecca, as Sophia Died, Diana Vanished.

A the end we can here see the ambulance outside the house. Rebeccas, Bret promise each other to stay together forever

Is the movie is based on a true story?

No, the movie is not based on a true story or events.

When The Light out movie is released?

The movie was released on June 8, 2016 (Los Angeles Film Festival), July 22, 2016 (United States)

What is the Budget of the movie and Box office collection?

The budget of the Light out Full Movie is $4.9 million and the box office collection is $148.9 million

How to download the Light out Full Movie?

you can download the movie from the OTT platform Netflix.

How to Watch Light out Full Movie?

you can watch the Light out Full Movie from Netflix or amazon

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