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Essay on Environment – Nowadays you must have heard and seen that wild animals such as snake, tiger, cheetah, elephants that migrate to the village and go to the city and some are attacking human and some are destroying the crops.

These wild animals are supposed to live in the forest but because of us only there are migrating into the city and villages. because of our needs, we are destroying forest that means we have ruined their homes and harming the environment that the reason they are coming to the cities and villages.

Essay on Environment for students and children

The environment is a subject in which we have the ability to both life and kill. It also has the ability to keep human moods good, bad, or fresh.

June 5 is a festival celebrated as Environment Day.

In this creation, it is believed that the Earth is a planet that is endowed with all the qualities because it is endowed with the environment and human life.
The environment includes a lot of things like trees, bushes, mountains, mountains, rivers, seas, animals, birds, humans, water, air, fire, and many more.

The most intelligent animal on earth is human, so we have to make our environment beautiful. The environment helps living things to progress and also helps humans a lot, so it becomes a human task to protect the environment.

For a happy human life, it is necessary to keep the environment beautiful and clean. And the environment plays a very important role in human life when it comes to the environment. It would not be a lie to say that we are because of the environment.

Nowadays, everyone is hearing that if we do not keep the balance of the environment, we may have to suffer huge losses in the future.

Why is the environment polluted due to increasing pollution and overuse of new technologies?
In the age of technology, human beings have come a long way, but as they move forward, they have forgotten that some of our mistakes can harm nature, which will later harm the living beings.

The highest pollution in the world is caused by vehicle exhaust fumes. This pollution is called air pollution. There is also pollution from factory fumes and sewage, which is increasing day by day.

At the same time polluting the water such as washing clothes and utensils in the river, dumping garbage in the river sea. So we have to prevent these things so that the environment will be safe. So we have to adopt the campaign to save water.

Essay on Environment

Air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution are some of the factors that contribute to the increase in air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, and so on.

Trees are very important for the preservation of the environment and nowadays humans are destroying trees which is a big shock to nature. If we want to preserve the environment, we must not destroy trees and plant trees. Among the various beautiful things in nature, trees are a beautiful gift of nature that we should cherish from the heart. Humans need trees to survive because they get the oxygen they need to survive.

Before humans invent new things, it is necessary to know whether they are harming the environment or not. And if it happens, it has to stop there, because if this creation remains, it will harm our environment more

Another major point is that man is currently going against the environment. Just as the environment has given humans a lot of natural things to eat that we get in the form of fruits and vegetables. But humans have become carnivores, killing the creatures of nature and eating their flesh. In addition, people are eating artificial foods that come in an inanimate form. These things pose a threat to the environment, animals, and humans.

It is not in man’s power to hunt down animals and kill them, but still, man does not understand this. Nowadays, you may have heard that some animals are becoming extinct and their generation has also become extinct, but it is due to human beings.

Essay on Environment for students and children

The growing population also pollutes the environment because the more the number, the more pollution there is. Wherever people go for a walk, they immediately throw garbage, and plastic items are thrown in various places which creates land pollution. When tourists go for walks along the river banks and beaches they throw garbage in the water and throw plastic items, bags, bottles that pollute the water. So to prevent this, you should fill your waste in your bag and put it in the garbage so that the pollution will be controlled.

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How to save the environment?

  • Planting trees or planting new trees will help save the environment.
  • Reduce the use of non-renewable resources.
  • Adopt proper disposal of waste.
  • The ban on plastics has to be turned into a movement.
  • To provide environmental education to spread awareness among the people to save the environment.
  • We should not pollute water bodies.
  • The felling of idle trees should be banned. Stringent steps should be taken to prevent deforestation and tree felling.
  • Better recycling of natural waste is necessary to save the environment.
  • There should be minimum use of pesticides, fertilizers, pesticides, and chemicals.
  • We should work as a team to make our environment clean.
  • All of us should participate actively in world environmental campaigns.
  • Celebrate every day as Environment Day.

Conclusion on Essay on Environment

The environment is an invaluable gift that takes care of us but the sad thing is that man does not take care of it. So nowadays pollution is increasing and harming the environment which is causing suffering to all living beings.
The environment is a friend that we should take care of to make it pollution-free. It can protect nature by controlling vehicle fumes and factory fumes and sewage.
Nature has made man the smartest and most intelligent creature on earth, but he seems to be abusing that intellect.

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