Essay on save water for students | Simple English

In this article, you will get to know the value of water and how to store the water, so overall this is an essay on save water.

Water is an invaluable and free resource from nature and it would not be wrong to call it the protector of the earth.

Everyone, whether a human being or an animal, needs water because organisms on earth will live without food but they cannot live without water

We need water in our daily routine from morning till night because they say – that there is no life without water but I say that water is life

If you have ever heard of Save Water, then you know why this campaign is being implemented. Since the earth has 71% water and less than 1% water is potable, we need to be careful now.
There are two types of water on the earth: salt water and fresh water. The sweet water present in it is usable.

Essay on save water for students | Simple English

Originally water scarcity is caused by humans. Even today people do not understand the value of water despite knowing all this.
Earlier people used less water because they did not get water at home and had to go to long rivers, wells, valleys, lakes to fetch water so that they could know the value of water.

Because they knew that if a single pot of water was wasted, we would have to go to a long river to get water again.
If it did not rain, the cities would be affected by it, so we need to think about how to save water and maximize water storage.

Just as humans and animals need water, so do plants. When you water the plants, lower them slowly with a bucket which will save water. When the tree is watered, it goes down to the roots and with its help, the water reaches the entire tree to its branches, trunk.

The reason for the lack of water is that in today’s age water comes directly from the tap to the house and this is the reason why people wastewater.

The government thought that this would reduce the labor of the people, save their time but the opposite actually happened. Actually, because of this people became lazy and forgot the price of water.

Even today, there are some good people who value water, save water. There have been governments, there have been some great people who have started some activities that get the message of saving water and we have to assimilate it.

While drinking the water some people are like – Drinking half the water, throwing half the water, wasting more water while washing utensils and clothes, using more water for bathing are some of the other reasons.

Nevertheless, owning one is still out of the reach of the average person. Therefore, you and others in your household should use the right amount of water.

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If everyone is wondering how to save water, then when washing dishes and washing clothes, use less water, instead of bathing, take a bath with as much water as you need in the bucket, close the tap immediately after washing hands…

If there is water flowing anywhere, immediately turn off the tap. If someone is abusing or wasting water then stop doing so.

There are many places where you can see large pipes of water bursting and there is an edge and you have to stop wasting water slowly. In such a case, the complaint should be made in the municipality and it should be resolved.

If people play Rangpanchami with water at the Holi festival and waste too much water in it, then we should stop it. And if you want to celebrate Holi with water, then use less water that is not drinkable or not worth drinking.

Essay on save water for students | Simple English

If you understand the importance of water now, your life will become easier, otherwise, the time will come to buy water. At that time, water will also replace petrol and diesel. Therefore, use water wisely.

The conclusion Essay on save water

The main purpose of writing this article is to know the price of water. And if you have been asked to write an essay on water in school, then you must read this essay.

Of course, you can also include your beautiful ideas which will make this essay more beautiful and attractive which will make your teacher even happier.

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