Is Indiabulls Dhani app safe

You must have been told by someone about the Dhani App or you have seen either TV or Internet But must have seen its ad (publicity). Is Indiabulls Dhani app safe? It is natural to have these questions come to your mind.

Dhani App has done as much marketing in India as hardly any other lending company has done. He gave Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the famous cricket player for his ad. Also made him a brand ambassador. Today Dhani has become a brand in itself in terms of lending. Any company would call itself good. On such a day, people keep searching on the Internet by clicking Dhani App Real or Fake.

But whether or not it is safe to take a loan, many people still doubt it. So today we will clear it.

What is Indiabulls Dhani App?

“What is a Dhani app?” We have discussed this earlier in our second article. But if you have not read those articles, I will tell you in brief.

Dhani Company provides you instant loans, credit cards, consultations with professional doctors, medical insurance, and Demat account facilities.

Dhani App Credibility

Before questioning the credibility of the Dhani app, we get to know a few things about it.

The parent company of Dhani App – Indiabulls

  • Dhani’s parent company is Indiabulls, a finance and real estate market leader.
  • Indiabulls was founded by Sameer Gehlot in 2000 as a Fintech company. In that era, e-commerce in India was just a step.
  • By the year 2003, a division of the company, Indiabulls Securities, had built a very good PAN India presence and a large network of customers with the help of its many offices and internet.
  • In the next year i.e. in 2004, he launched his IPO and started Indiabulls Financial Services.
  • By March 2005, he bought Indiabulls Properties Private Ltd, which became a real estate company, after purchasing a textile mill at auction.
  • While doing so, the Indiabulls continued to grow and opened many departments.
  • Indiabulls is also listed (listed) on the stock market’s NSE and BSE. In the last one year, the value of one of its shares has increased from 96 to  204. Double profits!

Interesting facts about Dhani App – some facts related to Dhani App

  • In the very first year of launching the rich app, it became one of the top Fintech companies in the world.
  • Dhani’s business model is based on two things – Health and Wealth. Both these things are one of the basic needs of the general public.
  • Today, Dhani has more than 16 million customers and more than 11 million subscribers.
  • Today Dhani is providing more than 12 unique services to the people. Some of them are – One Freedom Card, No EMI Loan, Doctors on Demand, e-Pharmacy, Dhani Stocks, etc.
  • At present, Dhani has more than 10,000 employees.
  • So far the Dhani App has been downloaded more than 5 crores (50 million) times only on Google Play Store. On average, the rating of this app is 4 out of 5.
  • Dhani was launched by SameerGehlaut in September 2017 under the name Dhani Loans.
  • After just one year, it had more than one lakh subscribers in the year 2018. The loyalty program of Dhani Club was also started.
  • In the year 2019, the number of customers of the company crossed 1 crore. By then the company started Dhani Credit Line and Dhani Pay.
  • By the year 2020, the company had started Dhani e-Pharmacy, One Freedom, and Dhani Private Patients.
  • The group companies of this company also include Dhani Loans, Dhani Stocks, and Dhani Healthcare.
  • The board members of this company include industry leaders such as Divyesh B. Shah, Pinank Jayant Shah, Himanshu Nautiyal besides Sameer Gehlot.


Indiabulls Dhani App Pros & Cons

Pros of Indiabulls Dhani app

  1. Very good brand value in the market
  2. One of the top Fintech companies
  3. Fast and immediate service of personal loan
  4. Consultation with doctors in just 10 seconds
  5. Very Easy Mobile App
  6. Mobile-to-digital service from home

Cons of Indiabulls Dhani app

  1. Less information about EMI
  2. Some fraud people with the same name in the market

Indiabulls Dhani app is Real or Fake

  • The three biggest reasons to doubt the Dhani App
  • If you really want to know Dhani App Real or Fake, that is, this company is right or deceitful, then it is very important for you to know three things.
  • First, it is true that some people in the market are cheating in the name of Dhani. You should be alert to them.
  • It is important that you use only the official app and website of Dhani. Do not rely on any random phone call. At the same time, the company should also take the right steps to stop them.
  • Second, many people are not able to take or repay a loan. It is obvious that no company would want to give loans to such people, who could not repay their loan.
  • Many people have only 100-500 rupees of data in banking transactions. In such a situation, the loan of these people is rejected. Such people get frustrated and give a poor rating of 1 or 2 to the app by going to the play store.
  • There are some people who do not give their KYC properly, they are also rejected.
  • The third biggest thing is the lack of knowledge about the company’s EMI. In a program by Dhani, the company asks for its promotion – No EMI Loan.
  • But instead of EMI (installment), she charges a small (about 200 rupees) subscription charge every month.
  • There are some programs in which there is no installment, for which the company gives a few months’ deferments. But even after a few months, you have to pay EMI if you do not repay the loan.
  • Even today many people in India do not understand English properly. They do not read the entire loan policy. Sometimes the company does not even tell the whole thing in its ad.

Conclusion about Indiabulls Dhani app

This is the reason why people have different perceptions of the Dhani App. If I say Dhani Real or Fake briefly, it is a good company.

It is very beneficial for today’s time to get a personal loan from a good agency in such a quick and easy manner.

It is truly commendable to have medicines from proper and expert doctors at home in just 10 seconds of consultation (advice) and medicines at a 40% discount.

But I would advise you to take loans according to your need, not just on the basis of hobbies. Also, understand their policy well before taking a loan.

For this, you can read our other articles. Or you can contact Dhani Customer Care.

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