What is the Full form of DMC – Medical

Full form of DMC is : Decision-making capacity | District medical committee | Detroit Medical Center | Downstate Medical Center (NY) | Direct Microscopic Count | Data Monitoring Committee | Diagnose Manage Cure

Full form of DMC in Hindi – निर्णय लेने की क्षमता | जिला चिकित्सा समिति | डेट्रायट मेडिकल सेंटर | डाउनस्टेट मेडिकल सेंटर (NY) | प्रत्यक्ष सूक्ष्म गणना | डाटा निगरानी समिति

Full form of DMC

Full form of DMC in Telugu – నిర్ణయం తీసుకునే సామర్థ్యం | జిల్లా వైద్య కమిటీ | డెట్రాయిట్ మెడికల్ సెంటర్ | డౌన్‌స్టేట్ మెడికల్ సెంటర్ (NY) | ప్రత్యక్ష మైక్రోస్కోపిక్ కౌంట్ | డేటా పర్యవేక్షణ కమిటీ | డయాగ్నోస్ మేనేజ్ క్యూర

Full form of DMC – Technology

TERMFull forms
DMCDisplay Management
Computer Aviation Management 
DMCDigital Media Center Special Education
DMCDigital Mapping Camera 
DMCDiscrete Memoryless Channel
DMCDesktop Multimedia Conferencing
DMCDigital Map Computer 
DMCDigital Mars C/C Compiler
DMC Design for Media and Communication
DMCDiscrete Memory Channel
DMCDigital Microcircuit
DMCDirect Multiplex Control 
DMCDistributed and Mobile Collaboration 
DMCDual voice-grade Modem Card 
DMCDataMirror Corporation
DMCDigital Motor Controller
DMCDynamic Memory Controller
DMCData Management Component aerospace
DMCDial Modem Connector
DMCDigital Marketing Conference 
DMCData Management Conformance 
DMCData Module Code 
DMCDigital Memory Card
DMCData Mining Cup 
DMCDigital Megazoom Camera 
DMCDigital Multimedia Center 
DMCDirect Mapped Cache
DMCDissipate-On-Match Comparator 
DMCDigital Modular Camera 
DMCDistribution Matrix Card
DMC Development Milestone Chart    
DMCDocument Mail Center 
DMCDual Modem Card 

Full form of DMC in Business and Finance

TERMFull forms
DMCDelorean Motor Company
DMCDestination Management Company
DMCDirect Manufacturing Cost
DMCDebt Management Company
DMCDelorean Motor Corporation
DMCDirect Marketing Center
DMCDirect Material Costs
DMCDowntown Management Corporation
DMCDirect Mail Communications
DMCDirect Marketing Company
DMCDocument Management Center
DMCDaniels Manufacturing Corporation
DMCDesign and Manufacturing Consultants
DMCDigital Music Center
DMCData Measurement Corporation
DMCDelhi Metro Corridor
DMCDurham Manufacturing Company
DMCDigital Media Company
DMCDrilling Materials Coordinator
DMCDongfeng Motor Corporation
DMCDamm Music Center
DMCDelorian Motor Company
DMCDallas Market Center
DMCDiversity Management Consultants
DMCDigital Matrix Club

Full form of DMC in Education

TERMFull form
DMCDetailed Marks Certificate
DMCDel Mar College
DMCDisaster Management Committee
DMCDisco Mix Club Music
DMCDigital Media City Music
DMCDisaster Management Centre
DMCDeveloping Member Country
International business
DMCDefense of Marriage Coalition
DMCDocument Security Systems
DMCDallas Muslim Council
DMCDigital Music Centre
DMCDutch Myst Community
DMCDownstate Medical Center
DMCDucati Monster Club
DMCDestination Marketing Committee
DMCDanbury Music Centre
DMCDance Music Community Performing arts
DMCDavis Motorsports Club
DMCDifferent Minds Center
DMCDingeldine Music Center
DMCDevastating Mike Control
Information hub

Conclusion on Full form of DMC

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