What is the Full Form of DySP and DSP

Full form of DySP and DSP – Deputy Superintendent of Police

Full Form of Dysp and DSP in Hindi – पुलिस उप अधीक्षक

Full Form of Dysp and DSP in Telugu – డిప్యూటీ పోలీసు సూపరింటెండెంట్

Full form of DySP and DSP
Full form of DySP and DSP

What is DSP and the full form of DySP?

The Full form of DySP and DSP is Deputy Superintendent of Police (DYSP) is one of the police forces that serve as the headquarters in a city or town, possibly additional towns and villages in India.

DSP means Deputy Superintendent of Police. It is one of the ranks of the Indian Police Services. This is a lower position than IPS officers. Upon promotion, the DSP becomes an IPS officer after a few years of service.

In fact, DSPs are state police officers. You can join the state police as an inspector and you can become a DSP through promotion and departmental examinations. You can also try for Indian Police Services through Civil Services exams.

Examination process to become a DySP: –

The DSP examination is conducted by the State Public Service Commission, which is divided into three parts as follows.

  • Pre-test
  • Main test
  • Interview

Preliminary Examination

A preliminary examination is the first step to becoming a DSP. In this exam, 150 marks will be prescribed under General Study and the optional subject will have 300 marks. Friends, we want to tell you to prepare well for this test

Main Exam

If you pass the Preliminary Exam, you will have the opportunity to appear for the Main Exam. In this examination, 300 marks are allotted for the Indian language, 300 marks for English, 200 marks for Essay, 300 marks for General Studies, and Optional subject in two digits.


If you have passed the Preliminary Exam and the Main Examination, you will be called for an interview. If you pass the interview you will be selected for the DSP post

The benefits given to DSPs

  • A DSP gets an official vehicle with a driver
  • The government receives the payment of electricity bills of a DSP.
  • A DSP receives upper-class accommodation during official visits.
  • A DSP receives security guards and domestic assistance such as cooks and gardeners.
  • A DSP gets a telephone connection, which is billed by the government.
  • A DSP obtains residence for himself and his employees at no cost or nominal rent.

Why is DSP necessary?

Just as a head is required in all the houses, in the same way, the force of the entire city needs a headman or DSP to run smoothly, otherwise, the whole city will be divided into pieces and all the stations will have their own rules and all according to their own Will work

Staying DSP gives rest to the rest of the employees and together with the right direction to make the whole city beautiful and happy in an orderly position,

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What is Power of DSP?

  • Ordering all police stations throughout the city,
  • Punish any police employee for making a mistake
  • Taking the offender on remand for 24 hours without notice
  • There are also changes in the powers of DSP.
  • Powers and workload can be changed as per SP’s instructions.

Which is the biggest post in the police?

In India, the Director-General of Police (DGP) is probably a three-star rank and therefore the highest level police force in the Indian States and Union Territories. All DGPs are Indian Police Service (IPS) officers. So in every Indian state, the DGP is usually at the top of the state police.

Conclusion on Full form of DySP and DSP

In today’s article, you will know the full complete information about DySP and DSP, you will get the answers to all questions related to DySP and DSP, in this post, you will get what is the meaning of DySP and DSP and the full form of DySP and DSP in Hindi and the full form of DySP and DSP in Telugu and the full form of DySP and DSP called Deputy Superintendent of Police

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